Tuesday, 18 June 2013

8 Different Styles of Pet Urn, especially Cat Urn

Usually, a pet urn is a special vessel that is used to preserve cremates of a dead animal. In this world, there are several people, who share a very special bond with their domestic animals. If you are one amongst them and have recently faced a sudden demise of your kitty, then have a look at the following most demanded kinds of cat urns that are highly liked by the pet lovers.

  1. Ball of Yarn Urn – It looks like a real yarn ball, but of course, the material used in making it is solid enough.
  2. Natural Marble Pet pot – Onyx – It is made using marble and is quite heavy-weight.
  3. Photographic Marble vase – It is made of marble and you can affix your kitty’s photograph on it.
  4. Premium Photographic Bronze Urn – It is also photograph based, but the material used for making it is bronze.
  5. Quilted Stars Companion Pet vase – Pewter – It is a combination of two different urns. In case you had a pair of pets, then you can choose this type of container to preserve the ashes of both pets in the same pitcher.
  6. Rainbow Medium Pet pot – It is multi-colored and is round in shape.
  7. Short Hair Tabby Cat vessel – It is crafted in the shape of a cat. Also, tiny hairs are attached on its surface to give it a look of a living cat.
  8. Wooden Heart Photo Pet pitcher – As the name simplifies, this kind of urn is heart-shaped and is made using wood.
These are the eight most liked styles of cat urn that are pretty much in demand these days. Out of these, which one are you going to pick?